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The Accidental Creation of the First Chocolate Chip Cookie

When it comes to dessert, there’s no denying the joy that comes with biting into a chocolate chip cookie. But did you know that the creation of this beloved cookie we have today was actually unintentional? Join us this month as one of your favorite roast beef shops, Bill & Bob’s Famous Roast Beef, goes on a journey through time to discuss the origins of the chocolate chip cookie, and stick around for some fun facts!

The Inventive Ruth Wakefield

Our story begins in the 1930s with Ruth Wakefield, the innovative owner of the Toll House Inn in Whitman, Massachusetts. Ruth was already renowned for her delectable desserts, but her ingenious experimentation in the kitchen would forever change the world of baking.

Legend has it that one fateful day in 1937, Ruth ran out of baker’s chocolate while preparing her Butter Drop Do cookies. Undeterred, she chopped up a bar of Nestlé semi-sweet chocolate and added it to the cookie dough, expecting the chocolate to melt and blend into the mixture. To her surprise, the chocolate chunks retained their shape, resulting in the first-ever batch of chocolate chip cookies. 

The Birth of an Icon

Ruth Wakefield’s accidental creation quickly gained popularity among her patrons, who couldn’t get enough of the irresistible combination of sweet dough and rich chocolate. In 1939, Nestlé struck a deal with Ruth, obtaining the rights to print her recipe on their chocolate bars in exchange for a lifetime supply of chocolate–a deal that cemented the chocolate chip cookie’s place in culinary history.

Fun Facts 

  • In 2003, the Immaculate Baking Company baked the world’s largest chocolate chip cookie, weighing in at 40,000 pounds. It measured 102 feet in diameter, requiring over 30,000 eggs and 4,000 pounds of chocolate chips.
  • In 1972, Apollo 16 astronauts took chocolate chip cookies with them on their mission to the moon. While they were pre-baked and dehydrated, the cookies provided a comforting taste of home during their journey through space.
  • In 1984, Massachusetts declared the chocolate chip cookie its official state cookie, honoring Ruth Wakefield’s contribution to culinary history. It’s a fitting tribute to the woman whose delicious invention brought joy to countless lives.


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