History of Bill & Bob's

Like every successful restaurant, there’s a face and a story behind it. At Bill & Bob’s Famous Roast Beef, you’ll find the same. Coming to Lynn, Massachusetts from Greece in 1961, Nondas Lagonakis was hired by his brother-in-law to work at a family restaurant. However, Nondas strived for more and would work three jobs for the next seven years. It was in 1968 that Bill Aylward decided to sell his restaurant (the Salem location) and Nondas jumped at the opportunity.

For several years following as Nondas strives to grow the business, he realized that good help was hard to come by. Dedication and hard work would now be the new focus. In fact, it wasn’t unusual to find Nondas in the restaurant at 7am after leaving only five hours before. With a two-way radio and a house next door, Nondas and his wife Ada, teamed up and listened for the kids as they rose. And let’s just say, that dedication surely paid off.

With a passion to provide only the highest quality and freshest food to the community, Bill & Bob’s grew but never failed to keep its roots first and foremost. So what makes this place so special? Perhaps it’s the cut of hand trimmed meat that
is cooked several times throughout the day to ensure the freshest roast beef sandwich in town. Or, maybe, it’s the fact that Nondas helped create the famous James River Barbeque sauce and uses nothing but since.

Whatever it is that keeps you coming back for more, there is one thing that unites every customer that dines at Bill & Bob’s – community. No matter the location, every restaurant is adorned with a nostalgic feeling digging into the roots of the business. Kinda that American Dream feeling if you will.

Bill & Bob’s Famous Roast Beef invites you to experience what thousands of people have come to love. No matter what you’re craving or how you like your meal, we’re here to ensure you receive nothing less than the best. Visit us late night, dine in or take out, bring the family or meet up with friends – we’re your home away from home!