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Roast Beef Sandwich | A New England Legend

When you consider any area of the country – or the world for that matter – and then consider the cuisine, every region has a signature. For instance, when people think of the Northeast there are two things that often come to mind. The first is the seafood – how does it not, really? The second is the roast beef sandwich. Sure, you may think this is a bit odd, but after reading this article you’ll understand why it became one of the most popular and beloved signature sandwiches in New England.


Back to the Beginning

Believe it or not, the roast beef sandwich as we know it today was crafted right here in Massachusetts! Selling nearly one million sandwiches in a single year (an unthinkable and unprecedented amount), the first introduction was undoubtedly a success. Warmed roast beef settled between two buns and finished just the way you like it – cheese, onions, barbecue sauce – you envision it, it was being made.


Fun Fact

Did you know that many (most) of the roast beef sandwich shops in Massachusetts are owned by Greek families? It’s true! Here at Bill & Bob’s Famous Roast Beef, founder, Nondas Lagonakis, came from Greece in 1961. After opening the first location with a friend, their delicious recipe caught the attention of many. Needless to say, the business quickly grew. Lagonakis then began hiring and training many employees that would go on to open their own restaurants – all Greek, of course.

So as Greek culture expanded its love of food and knowledge of the industry around New England, the roast beef sandwich became a staple. With many variations in offerings, people everywhere enjoyed the sandwich precisely how they liked it. What wasn’t to love?


Looking for the best roast beef sandwich around? You found it!

When it comes to roast beef, the variations are vast. However, when you go back to the roots and search for a roast beef sandwich that provides authentic flavor, tenderness, and all of the elements that made it what it is today – you’ll soon realize that you need to look no further than Bill & Bob’s Famous Roast Beef.


But don’t just take our word for it. We invite you to visit one of our several locations to
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